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Online Booking System

What is it?

Our online booking system allows customers to make garage bookings at any time of day or night and pre-pay online using a credit or debit card.We use PayPal, the same payments processor as eBay. The customer facing bookings system is supported by a backend system that allows garage staff to input telephone and email bookings and manage the times that are available to book.

Is it difficult to use?

Customers that have used the system have praised its ease of use and clear layout while even the most non-technical garage staff have easily got to grips with the back end interface. There is no software to install or maintain - all you need is a web browser.

Why do customers like it?

As well as being easy to use, customers like that they can make a booking at any time of day or night. They can book for an MOT, servicing and any other product offered to pre-book by the garage. They receive confirmation of their booking by email and because there booking logged directly into the garage diary, they can be sure that their booking has been correctly recorded.

Customers also beenfit by receiving a reminder email 12 months later. Reminder text messages can also be sent if this option is chosen by the garage.

Why do garages like it?

All features of our booking system are designed to ease the day to day operations of a garage and/or MOT testing station.

The software can be accessed directly via a web browser, so there is no software to install or maintain. Updates happen automatically and the booking system can be used on multiple computers simultaneously with no extra cost.

The easy to use garage scheduler can be used to manage all of the bookings made at the garage. By inputting MOT and service booking made by telephone, it is ensured that no MOT slot can be double booked by an online customer.

The system is entirely flexible - e.g. service bookings can be booked at set times throughout the day (like MOTs) or just limited to a certain number per day. However a garage prefers to operate - we can set it up like that.

Because the system can take payment from online customers up front - it means less capacity is wasted due to no-show customers. It also improves cashflow by collecting advance payments.

To reminder customers to come back to the same garage and book the following year, customers are sent automatic reminder emails and/or text messages.

So the garage can see how it's doing, we provided online reports and charts to track progress.