Here are some pictures of our checkout system integrated into Express MOT. We've kept the layout nice and simple, but used a style to be consistent with their existing website.

NB: Click on the images to see the full size versions.

The customer chooses the products and services they want.

The customer sees a summary of their booking and enters their details.

The customer can enter discount voucher codes before proceeding to pay via PayPal.


And then we have the garage view...

The scheduler can be viewed my month, week, day or by booking type (shows bookings for each MOT and servicing lane etc for a given day in a separate column). The example shown below is in Week view. The panel on the right updates when bookings are clicked on. It allows all the details of the booking to be viewed and edited; products can also be added or removed.

New bookings are made on the New Booking tab. When MOT times are selected, they are reserved until the booking is saved so that there cannot be a clash with an online customer.

The reports tab shows all sorts of graphs to help inform the garage of customer habits and to show bookings growth year on year. Below we've shown an example graph of daily MOT demand.We can setup any reports or graphs as required by individual garages.

The admin section allows higher level management of the garage system, including a list of pending PayPal refund requests and defining garage all-day or part-day closures. We've shown a picture of the closures screen below: